Your Genome, in your hands

We envision a world where everyone can own and understand their own genomic data privately. Our mission is to create “citizen scientists”, who can track and interpret their own genomic data over time, leading to better individual decision making for the sake of their health.


Our Mission

Have you ever wanted to obtain your own DNA data without having to share it with anyone else?

Do you want to be able to understand and discover the implications behind your DNA sequence privately?


We want every person to be able to understand their own genomic data, regardless of background knowledge or education. This is why it is our mission is to create “citizen scientists” – to build a gene-literate citizenry that can privately own their own genomic data and trusts science.



The Citizen-Scientist Sequencing Intiative

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The citizen-scientist sequencing initiative is brought to you by miRcore, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that engages in biomedical research and education to improve healthcare outcomes through precision medicine.

Why did we decide to start this new initiative? We realized that currently, the general public does not have a strong understanding of their own genomics and its implications on daily life. Each person and their family is strongly impacted by their genetics, but to what extent?

Currently, the only publicly available option to see personal genetic information is through genetic sequencing companies. However, these companies also have access to your data and use your data for monetization. The citizen-scientist sequencing initiative strives to create a new system where individuals can not only be the sole owners of their genomic data, but also learn what the data means and how interpret it.



The Pilot Program





We are starting a pilot program for the Citizen Scientist Sequencing Initiative (CSSI) that will run from February – April 2023. This pilot program will be geared mainly towards miRcore associates, so that we are able to address any comments and feedback about the program before opening it up to the general public.

The pilot program, conducted on weekends, will start February 2023, with 1 in-person lab day and 9 weeks of virtual classes after an introductory session. If you are interested in the pilot program, sign up using the link below by February 22, 2023.



Your PRivacy Matters


All personal data obtained through the CSSI does not need to be shared with anyone, including us (miRcore). Learn more about how we will keep your data private and secure throughout the duration of the program.


Stay Updated


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